Mystery Motive customer loyalty enchancement

Case Studies

SWAP SHOPS for Global Leading Automotive Client

In its second year of operation, MyMo has been challenged with one of the wildest needs in the history of Mystery Shopping. A function that nobody has done before or ever since.

A Western European Mystery Shopping Provider (MSP) at that time just took over the project of monthly evaluating a globally recognized Car Brand.

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Custom Shopper Payment Processing for multinational MS Provider

The aim of Mystery Motive – MyMo is to facilitate the work of Mystery Shopping Providers by on one hand amazing their Clients (thereby helping them get more business and new Clients), and improving MSP efficiency (thereby reducing expenses and work load). This is what our team means by the word Motive.

A Mystery Shopping Provider (MSP) who is present in more than 5 countries has been using MyMo in its Asian branch. The main challenge of the MSP was to deal with the payment processing of large volume of shops they did monthly.

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Comparison of Dynamically Changing Group Sets for Bank Client

The MyMo team is always open to learn about new Client needs forwarded by the MSPs who use the system. This is how our team came across a globally unique feature request.

An American Mystery Shopping Provider (MSP) and MyMo user, was requested an unusual feature from a Bank Client.

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