Mystery Motive customer loyalty enchancement


Being the World’s most unique and comprehensive Survey System, the use of Mystery Motive – MyMo Webtrack will continue to spread internationally. Therefore, our team encourages shoppers to register into our database, which is used by more and more Mystery Shopping Providers (MSPs). Registering into MyMo means that all MSP MyMo Users will see your presence, which in turn can mean much more assignments for you.

Who can become a Mystery Shopper?

Anyone can be a Mystery Shopper given that they are competent users of the internet and have the necessary skills to observe location, level of service, behaviour of employees according to the parameters of the scenario and can record their observations in a questionnaire.
Thus, apart from basic computer skills, other prerequisites of the job include keen observation during shopping situations and good language skills while filling out the questionnaire.
Different scenarios require Mystery Shoppers of different age, interest etc.

How can I become a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery Shoppers need to be registered in our online surface, Mystery Motive. Filling out the registration form is the first step. It is imperative that prospective shoppers indicate which cities, towns they prefer as locations for their Mystery Shops.

After registration, users of MyMo can log in with their e-mail address and password. Possible Mystery Shopping assignments are listed under the menu Available Shops. After registration it may take time till we contact you with offers of shops corresponding to your user profile.

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