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Case Study

SWAP SHOPS for Global Leading Automotive Client

In its second year of operation, MyMo has been challenged with one of the wildest needs in the history of Mystery Shopping. A function that nobody has done before or ever since.

A Western European Mystery Shopping Provider (MSP) at that time just took over the project of monthly evaluating a globally recognized Car Brand.

The reason, why the Car Manufacturer changed to this new MSP was that the previous provider could not methodologically solve the issue of shopper spotting. Since part of the shopper’s task was to make a phone call to the dealership  before visiting, after a while, dealership s were automatically suspicious about anyone who called them before their visit. The new MSP who was a MyMo user already at that time turned to our Cross-culturally experienced team to work out a solution jointly.

After a long series of video conferencing with MS expert participants from 5 countries and 3 continents, the most challenging ever solution was found to the problem:

  1. Shoppers should not call the same dealership as the one they visit, but a different one.
  2. But this creates the problem of having a shopper filling one section of a questionnaire (namely Telephone Experience) about dealership A and another section of a questionnaire (namely Personal Visit) about dealership  B.
  3. However, the Client wants to see all sections of questionnaires being about one given dealership. Meaning Telephone Experience = dealership A, Personal Visit = dealership A, regardless of two different shoppers testing the different sections.
  4. Therefore, MyMo visionaries imagined the amazing function, which today is called SWAP SHOPS.
  5. SWAP SHOPS means that the shopper can fill out one questionnaire with two sections being about two different dealerships, then MyMo takes the questionnaire sections apart and puts them back together for the Client user to see the all the information of a given dealership in one questionnaire (although the two sections were tested and filled by two different shoppers).
  6. The MSP’s Project Manager can create a matrix in the system and tell MyMo which dealerships phone call and personal visit shall be paired up.

The reason why MyMo visionaries have decided to implement such a huge solution (taking on over 1000 programming hours) was that the SWAP SHOPS functions is completely unique in the world. No other Survey System can provide such a function.

The outcome: The MSP has gained huge respect and loyalty of the Automotive Client, having solved an issue that seemingly undermined their MS program. In addition, another 2 countries of the Global Automotive Client adopted the methodology and thereby became the Client of our MSP. So in other words, not only was the challenge of our MSP solved, but also did they win 2 additional countries, thereby tripling their volume and revenues from this Client. So MyMo (Mystery Motive) did live up to its name, it truly motivated the Client of the MSP to bring more business.

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