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Case Study

Comparison of Dynamically Changing Group Sets for Bank Client

The MyMo team is always open to learn about new Client needs forwarded by the MSPs who use the system. This is how our team came across a globally unique feature request.

An American Mystery Shopping Provider (MSP) and MyMo user, was requested an unusual feature from a Bank Client.

The Bank wanted to measure the effectiveness of a newly implemented trial training program. Since it was a pilot operation of the training (meaning trial period) it was only held to the staff of a select group of branches. However, the staff who participated in the training, often switched form participating to not and vice versa. 

To be able to make a regular comparison between the MS results of the participating branches Vs. non-participating branches, the bank needed to have their Client Users (of MyMo), be able to frequently modify, which staff member is part of the trained group and which is not.

As the MyMo Team found this request in line with our goal to offer as many globally unique features as possible the planning began and lead to the following solution:

A two-sided solution was created through a massively intensive programming and design effort.

  1. Firstly, the Client was made able to create sets by putting tested staff into groups that can be frequently changed. Such groups’ average results can be tracked on every graph and report of the Client surface. Participants of the “Trained group” are any time interchangeable with Participants of the “NOT Trained group”. All of this can be done by the Client users on the Client surface of MyMo.
  2. Secondly, with some foresight, it was possible to tell that at times the Bank Client users may not:
    • Have time to make the group settings themselves
    • Always do the setting correctly and see what they wanted

Therefore, the MyMo Team made it possible for the MSP on the MSP Surface to also create, modify, correct and if necessary override the settings of the Bank’s Client users for the Dynamic Groups.

Today this feature is called Comparison of Dynamically Changing Group Sets and is a truly globally unique feature of MyMo. One that no other Survey System can offer.

The outcome is also a great example of how MyMo Motivates and promotes the Mystery Shopping Industry:

  • The Bank is more than happy and was able to determine the exact effectiveness of the training, thereby implemented it to all branches.
  • The leaders of bank were so pleased with the solution, they wrote a highly impressive acknowledgement and recommendation for the MSP.
  • Moreover, since the MSP at that time, was participating in a bidding tender for another financial institution, the leaders of the Client Bank called the leaders of the proposal requesting Bank to tell them how satisfied they were.
  • In result the MSP won another big Financial Client and significantly increased their revenues.

As a final comment to the above case studies, some of the above functions are not only globally unique, but available to all other MSPs as well, in a fine-tuned and tested form.

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