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About Us

1. What is Mystery Motive Web Track?
2. Who are behind MyMo?

Who are behind MyMo?

We are an International group of Mystery Shopping and Marketing Research professionals who needed something different. All of us have worked in Mystery Shopping for over 10 years in various parts of the globe as: Western to Middle Europe, America, Canada and China.

We have used most well-known Licensed Survey Systems as MSP Users but felt the need to have something different. Being so, we joined forces and shared cross cultural competence, know-how, costs to develop something for our selves. Our initial goal was to have a Survey System that is better than any MSP can offer in our local markets. And so we did it. Truth is, MyMo simply turned out to be too good to keep to our selves. Hence, we all are putting our careers in MS aside to focus on bringing MyMo to the world. So yes, we have the competence of an MSP – “We get it” – but no, we are no longer MSPs whose interests may interfere with yours. In other words our team is exclusively dedicated to MyMo and has no other relevance to the Mystery Shopping industry besides our experience and MSPs who use the system.