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The Sub-MSP Feature – Go International

Amazing, and globally unique. These are the two main things one must know about the Sub-MSP Feature of MyMo.

There are generally two main dilemmas that Mystery Shopping Providers face during a project that reaches beyond their main area of operation.

Firstly, finding shoppers to do the field work is a great barrier. This is why it is common to use subcontractors – other MSPs or Field Agencies – to carry out the fieldwork.

Secondly, how do You make sure the subcontractors’ questionnaires arrive:

  • In the same format that You can use
  • Without Your uploading or manual data entry hassle
  • In good quality
  • Without giving too much away about how your Survey System works

The Sub-MSP Feature is the only perfect solution. In the MyMo Webtrack system, You as an MSP user can create limitless number of Sub-MSPs to give access to. Your Sub-MSPs will be able to access Your system and:

  • Only see as much as they need to see in a surface limited in design
  • Only do as much as they need to do in a limited function surface
  • Sub-MSPs can do full data entry and quality control, saving you time

To have some cream on top, your Sub-MSP can even do the data entry by excluding language barriers.

  • Sub-MSPs can see Your Questionnaire in their language.

The Sub-MSP function solves all Your barriers to do International projects. → Motivating enough?