Mystery Motive customer loyalty enchancement

FREE Legal Consulting - The Legal dilemma

This is the dilemma that no Survey System Licensors ever talk about. It is a great risk and we help you avoid it FREE OFF CHARGE.

We have in the past worked in Mystery Shopping and other Marketing Research areas as users of Licensed Survey Systems. Later we also used MyMo as our own, internally developed system. In both cases we have come across Clients who asked us to modify certain functions, add new ones, and customize the existing ones.

It was virtually impossible to make Clients understand that the agreed price of the survey only contains the USE not the CUSTOMIZATION of the system. Thus, in many cases Clients were unhappy and unsatisfied, since they did not get all they wanted. Therefore, we often ended up taking on extra costs (rather than the conflict with the Client) and had to develop customized functions on our own expense. In the very end the Client was happy, but – together with the added functions – the project ran up a loss.

So we get it. You as an MSP need to be prepared and prevent such situations from occurring both in your communication and in the contracts you sign with Clients. We will gladly give you the solution FREE off charge. → Motivating enough?