Mystery Motive customer loyalty enchancement

MyMobile Technology – In the palm of your hands

MyMo is the very first web based Survey System in the world to bring Survey Management to the palm of your hand, namely to your mobile phone.

The third and latest generation of MyMo Webtrack solution has been reprogrammed and rewritten from the very basics onto a wholly new cutting edge platform in order to allow compatibility with most browsing enabled phones. Unlimited accessibility through a mobile phone is what we refer to as MyMobile Technology.

MyMobile technology allows Marketing Research and Mystery Shopping companies to have anyone access the system anytime form their cell phones, including:

  • Your Clients
  • MSP Employees who work for Your Company
  • Your Shoppers

MyMobile technology thereby saves time and increases the efficiency of Your Team, Clients and Shoppers. Your Clients are guaranteed to simply love the idea that they can go through their survey results in any stolen 10 minutes on their mobile in idle times rather that having to sit at a desk or to carry a laptop.

Not to mention the fact that MyMobile technology comes as part of the basic licensing package at no extra cost for anyone but us.